TOP BITCOIN CASINOS & CASINO REVIEWS: The Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Gambling In 2018 (recommended bitcoin casino: FORTUNEJACK CASINO RATING – 9.5/10)


The FortuneJack that is an online Bitcoin Casino offers a lot of flexibility in deposits and withdrawals. Right from inside of the website any one can obtain the crypto of their choice without any hindrance. 0.001 BTC or its equivalent in other currencies is set as the minimum withdrawal. With a great rapidity, the withdrawals are carried out here at bitcoin casino, that are processed within matter of minutes in most of the cases.


Since, from the time of launching in the year of 2014, the mBit Casino has managed to raise as one of the best selection available on the Bitcoin Gambling market. mBit Casino site’s gaming lobby is categorized into a few categories likewise, baccarat, blackjack, branded games, dice, jackpot games, live games, lottery, high stakes and still more.


BetChain Bitcoin Casino attracts its players by offering wide variety of promotions and bonuses, especially for those players who aspires a little bit more to wager.  There is a Welcome package To prove this that consists a 100% welcome bonus, up to 1 BTC combined with 50 free spins as well. Almost on everyday other promotions will be offered which are like free spins.


The advantage of choosing Betcoin is that this casino enables the players to make both deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin. This Online BTC casino strives on the Bitcoin Gambling front. The bonuses and promotions may change in accordance with season and time of the year. A welcome bonus and an additional deposit bonus is always offered by This Bitcoin Casino bonuses while at the time of the allocation of the money. It is easy to claim the bonuses because, the navigation of the Betcoin poker mobile website is user friendly.


1XBIT casino is nice enough to offer a wide range of top gaming. 1xBit is an online Bitcoin Casino that is qualitative. Casino Games, slots and a thriving sports market respectively are possessed by This Bitcoin Gambling platform. The positive traits like having such great options and an ability to handle the customer experience very smoothly, 1xBit is a must website for obsessive Bitcoin Gamblers.


MegaWins that is an online Bitcoin Casino which attracts its players with many number of bonuses and promotions. The beginners of this casino will be given three deposit bonuses. The first one will be of 110% worth of the deposit, up to one Bitcoin in size, the other two are a little bit small in size. A VIP program is offered that is categorized into an aggregate of 7 tiers. This program works via granting the players access to points.


At PlayAmo the fresh players are respected with a welcome bonus package. This contains $/Euros 300 plus 150 additional free spins. The initial deposit at PlayAmo Bitcoin Casino can be doubled. The maximum bonus amount will be Euros/$100.  by depositing euros/$100 a player can receive Euros/$200. The second deposit will offer a bonus of 50% to the deposit account. To have this the terms and conditions of wagering and betting needs apply.


At Bitstartz Bitcoin Casino the players can make deposits via Skrill, debit/credit cards and lastly but not least Bitcoins, by keeping in view that Apart from accepting Bitcoins for payments, this Bitcoin Casino offers multiple deposits methods. This casino processes the withdrawals instantly and rapidly that can be carried at any time. Luckily, this casino is facilitating its players with a modern feature that is to gamble via as much virtual money as they wish.


This great popular Bitcoin Gambling platform is containing an inimitable salient feature which exhibits the total number of bets placed constantly on the homepage which are subjected to updating for every three seconds. This fine process results in the absence of registration and simple UI making the making Bitsler an awesome place for betting. The bets that are in millions in number are placed on the games such as Dice, Multicolour, Blackace, and Caraycruz respectively.


The nice feature of this Megadice casino lies in its capability of placing the bets on the blockchain. MegaDice is definitely a feasible best Bitcoin Casino. Megadice bagged its greatness with its provably fair gaming. The web based gambling experience is very standard here. Just simply, the players are enabled to select their odds, and choosing the amount at which they are interested to wager and then by rolling the dice.

BITCOIN CASINO: The Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Gambling In 2018

To be in a nutshell, Bitcoin is decentralized, and mostly anonymous. This cryptocurrency is not at subjected to any kind of rules and regulations and provisions and norms, likewise traditional curriencies across the world. These reasons are influencing the people for making a beeline, from across the globe to engage in Gambling Entertainment.

So, therefore, as of now, paving a way to a brick and mortar casino or gaming upon a traditional currency, that is based upon online casino cannot be a hassle free. That is why Bitcoin Casinos are grabbing advantage of this phenomenon for attaining their growth exponentially. An important salient feature of Bitcoin is that it permits anonymous deposits and withdrawals in an approximate immediate style, thus resulting in making Bitcoin Gambling virtually anonymous. Now, there arise some queries like where to locate BTC Gambling ? How much would be the house edge? Is Bitcoin Gambling worth the time? The following answers can be studied for suitable information:


People from all walks of life, are now familiar that Bitcoin Gambling comes in many forms, likewise, online casinos along with video slot machines and live dealers, dice sports betting and litecoin poker sites respectively. Even though, there are many ways of gambling thru Bitcoins, at the end of the episode, Bitcoin admirers updates themselves with fine situations for Bitcoin Gambling with faucet through research.

Now, “where to play?” is the question that arises. There are plenty of reviews and huge researches, which can suggest the best answer for the above question. By doing so, at last, the Bitcoin community personnel can find an exhilarating place for playing upon every individual day. There are also some doubts online gamblers usually reveals quiet before they wager. However, Bitcoin Casino gaming reviews (we recommend fortunejack review), by going thru, will enables them to have an overall insight upon gameplay, design and withdrawals. Still, there are even much better BTC casino bonus deals, which is worth mentioning.

It is to be observed that, there are several hundreds of Bitcoin gamings, that are already online, who are confronting for having a share of Bitcoin bankroll. On one side of the coin, this is a plus point but, from other side of the coin it is to be analyzed to distinguish between what is hot and what is not.
The merits and demerits of the casino gaming on market as of today is to be analyzed first of all. Then, the Bitcoins must be kept ready for initiating the bet. It would be fine to feel always that free Bitcoin Gambling is a source of wonderful entertainment and exhilarating. But, even there will be a best fall down frequently. However, there is no point of worrying and fretting and fuming. Because, assistance will be given by the Bitcoin gambling communities for resolving the complaints.

To, be precise the early gamblers of the digital currency were not astonishingly the online players and gambling operators. But, with the emergence of Bitcoin, this has become easier for finding a place to deposit, wager and payout profits in this method. In fact, though every Bitcoin Gambling centre crowing about being the best in the industry, However, it would be nice to locate the qualitative one, by going through other side of the details.
To be in a nutshell, a Good Bitcoin Casino is preferably an online gambling operator, at where the gaming is provably fair.
This is an indication of a clever choice. While selecting a centre for gambling online with Bitcoins, first of all, it is required to make sure that the house edge is reasonable and also the random number generator is genuinely random. Also there is a strong reason for preferring Cryptocurrency, for its wonderful security and privacy respectively. It is even important to note that the Casino is licensed and regulated by a respectable authority.
It is also a noteworthy for scrutinizing the other payment options, in addition to Bitcoin, for making sure to have an alternative for withdrawing out profits.
There even exists some casinos, who are allowing their patrons for using a plenty of banking options, that acts as a prominent roll in the long run. While seeking a best place for playing with Bitcoins, the concept of looking at the plethora of gaming and quality of software provider is always applauded. A Bitcoin gambling casino, can also be termed to be as a best casino, when it happens to possess Live Dealer and mobile gaming option and even consisting with a healthy selection of slots, table games and video pokers. Therefore, provided if the casinos , cultivates this kind of atmosphere , it is understood that, there will be a less chance for the players for looking elsewhere for gaming alternatives.
Yet, there are some queries always pricking in the minds of the Bitcoin users.they are [01] Is Gambling with Bitcoin Legal? Or [02] Are Bitcoin Gambling sites and casinos legal? The following information may tries to soothe them with best possible answers.


In many places of the world, Online Gambling is treated as legal. The majority of the casinos, which are at higher pedestals are aiming for making it as easier as possible for the players for depositing and playing their obsessed gaming by showering multiple currencies in terms of payment and even that is inclusive of Bitcoins.

It is to be noted that there are even some countries, where the gambling is legal, and exclusively Bitcoin Casinos are becoming more reputed, because of receiving plenty of benefits, which are associated with the currency.


In some countries, where gambling is legal, majority of the currencies and paying methods are allowed, either traditional currencies or not, that does not mean to say that Bitcoin is unanimously legal. Because, some nations have kept prohibitions and taxes upon Bitcoin cash withdrawals. However, also, wherever gambling is considered as illegal, there are still many ways for gambling online through bitcoin casino sites being provided and execute from other countries. The users who are in admiration with best bitcoin gambling sites and particularly those that are offering Bitcoin as a currency would be the benefit of anonymity. This results in making it impossible for the authorities for tracing the players. For that reason, as a general norm, governments usually imposing a penalty upon those who are operating gambling enterprises illegally rather than the players. It is a must to state that there are two main areas that greatly influence the legalities around online gambling with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in various countries: they are

  1. The legal status of online gambling in general and
  2. The legal status of Bitcoin as a currency.

As of now, there presents no certain laws, pertaining to Bitcoin Gamblings. As such, there is a presumption that gambling with Bitcoins may fall in the similar legal category, likewise, gambling with government currency. Provided, if it is treated as online gambling with the local money is legal at where the player is residing, then, online gambling with Bitcoins is even considered as legal no matter where ever the player stays. It is to be observed that, if online gambling is considered illegal at the location where the player resides, then with Bitcoins there is a benefit of being anonymous.

It is a genuine fact, that the politicians are really out of touch with the realities of online gambling. This can be observed in the confusion of legislation, that may related for online gambling and the genuine online gambling is becoming famous in almost every country where it is prohibited.
Right at this moment, many number of economical surveyors strongly believe and analyze that the liberalization and regulation via taxation for raising government revenue and that which may provide consumer protection. However, these notions have been overlooked by majority of government due to the lack of public interest and the religious impacts that are making the gambling laws politically sensitive.


This is a genuine fact, that the individual gamblers may not be the focus of the law enforcement. Though there might be many hindrances upon online gambling in different kinds of jurisdictions, these suppressions have always been quiet against to the operators, but never against the individual users. The law enforcement sleuths chased after the gambling sites, but not the individual users. The legal method of raiding government currency gambling operators that it is does not confirm of is to truncate the user’s ability for depositing and withdrawing.

This will be performed by penalizing the payment processors and financial institutions, provided if they permit the payment for gambling operators. Obviously, this may be possible with Bitcoin Gambling operators. Because, even if authorities needs to go against them, they will have to resort to domain and server seizures and physical raids.
To be precise, even these severe steps will not halt Bitcoin Gambling as censorship resistant technology, like namecoin, decentralized DNS and maidsafe decentralized hosting are being developed. These resistance methods are evolving faster than a government bureacracy that responds to them.


Till today, there are no a single precise answer for the question above.

However, some useful important factors that are enumerated in the following text can be endured:
1.commonly there presents not even a single significant law, which is regulating Bitcoin Gambing. Neither it is officially permitted nor prohibited.

2.The outlook and the attitude of the different authorities to Bitcoin is changing with a great rapidity, with majority of the countries viewing at Bitcoin positively and discussing regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based services. Even then, some of the governments are still not encouraging Bitcoin as to real currency. However, there comes a question like, if it it not a real currency, then, any kind of of regulations around traditional fiat currency online casinos must also be not applied to Bitcoin gambling websites.

3.Bitcoin gaming sites are providing the merit of enhanced anonymity for players. Bitcoin payments combined with anonymous proficiency, turns is severely tough for the authorities for tracing gamblers.
4.It is to be understood that a few renowned gambling jurisdictions already issuing licenses for casinos to allow Bitcoin gambling. That means they are allowing the responsibility of handling operation of cryptocurrency websites. As the online bitcoin casino is abiding by the rules and regulations of the selected jurisdiction, it will be operating legally.

WHERE TO TAKE BITCOIN GAMBLING LICENSES? The Bitcoin Gambling operators are allowing the users to be anonymous. They can not abide by the licenses, which may require the customer ID verification, that involves collecting of preserving the user’s identity and personal information.


An another form of Bitcoin Gambling is Sports Betting, which has expanded at a frenzied rate, by means of wide potentialities that are sustaining to grow. It is to be noted that there are a plenty of sports books, which are currently accepting Bitcoin deposits and bets. Sports and outcome betting enthusiasts, are even getting inspired for learning regarding Bitcoin Betting Exchanges. The house keeps the betting odds at Traditional sports betting. Here, the players, are allowed to choose either those odds or not placing a bet. So, Bitcoin betting exchanges are providing the players an opportunity for playing upon both the sides.

Bitcoin betting exchange is just a facilitator of the action. By means of this new liberty in action, players are allowed for either to be the layer of odds or the supporter of the bet. Both the layers and the supporters are enabled to select the odds that they prefer, or create their own, for allowing other players to accept them if they please. As, the Bitcoin betting exchanges are not taking participation in the bettings, the charges connected with wagering are inferior than that of traditional sports books. If it is happening that a bettor, who is not aspiring to look into Bitcoin betting exchanges, but enjoying the roll of outcome based and sports wagering, then, now it is the ripe time to take concern of it.

It is crystal clear that, when a bitcoin casino website is functioning with Bitcoin Gambling, the entire payment processes can be able to perform internally, without any third party services, that are involved, who can handle the crypto payment fund.
The deposits and withdrawals will be transferred almost immediately, and the Bitcoins flows directly between the player’s and casino’s Bitcoin wallets. Hence, it is not essential for presenting a gaming license for any financial institution. Therefore, it is obvious that whet it happens to work with Bitcoin, a gambling license would be optional or at least an obligatory for accepting payments.


FortuneJack is an online casino that was been emerged in the year of 2014, which is a finely designed user interface. This casino is going to be operated from Dublin, that is located at Ireland. However it is licensed as a legal casino via the island of Curacao. This bitcoin casino constitutes a plenty of fun games. This casino’s main motto is, not to disappoint its patrons. This is one of the renowned casino in the Bitcoin Gambling community.

It is great both for the fresh gamblers and as well as professionals alike. in addition to its reputation, this bitcoin casino has carved a niche for itself, for its trustworthiness. It is to be believed that, so far several lakhs of BTC have been wagered upon this platform.

What is BTC?

Freedom in Payment! Learn more about the advantages of using BTC currency. #Gambling #BTC #FJcasino

Posted by FortuneJack on Friday, October 2, 2015

The languages adapted by this bitcoin casino are English and Russian respectively. This casino is allowing the entire players of the globe for playing at this casino. Even though the players are abiding by their local gambling laws.


Here, at this bitcoin casino a prospective played is needed to register for an account, if inclined for playing any type of gaming. First of all, the “Join Now” button is to be clicked, which is located upon the upper right side of the page. Then, it it the time of filling up the personal information like Username, Email Address, country and password respectively. Even the email field is to be filled, though it is treated as optional.


The website of this casino is provided by the reputed software providers like Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Endorphina, SoftSwiss, Igrosoft, Amatic, Playson, Tomhorn and Gameart respectively. These developers ensures that this online platfrom is well equipped with systems and games, that functions in a fine and flexible manner.


it is to be observed that the FortuneJack online Casino is provably fair. That means the players can scrutinize each and every jackpot fortune casino game, for ensuring that they are not going to be cheated. In addition to ensure the players, for having fun, the bitcoin casino also ensures that the players to be fully aware of their gambling habit. So, it is understood that this casino is even taking measures for helping the players for the control of their gambling attitudes.


FortuneJack Bitcoin Casino gaming are offered by some of the most selected software providers in the gaming field. The gaming lobby of this website is possessed with a wide array of variety of games, that are ranging from Slots, Table Games, and fortunejack Poker Games respectively. The slots games includes, Fortune Slot, Satoshi Secret, Dragon Egg, Dragon King, Star Cash, African Sunset, Wolf Quest, Storming Flame, Atlantis World, Wheel of Luck, Fresh Fruits and still many more. Here, the players are enabled for choosing the slot games from different providers.

The BTC Poker Games includes Live Texas Hold’em Poker, Fruit Poker, Joker Card Poker, Casino Hold’em Flash, Let it Ride Flash, Live Bet on Poker, Oasis Poker Flash and so on.

The Jackpot Games are Mega Moolah, King Cash Slot, Tunzamunni, Dice, Treasure Nile, Lotsaloot 3 Reel, CashSplash 3 Reel, Wow Pot, Keno Fortune Wheel and Bingo respectively.

The Blackjack games includes Multihand Blackjack Flash, Live Blackjack, Live Wheel of Fortune, Classic Blackjack Gold, Spanish Blackjack Gold and to name a few.

The Live Dealer Games are Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Wheel of Fortune, Live Baccarat, Live Casino Hold’em, Live Dice, Live Carribean Poker, Live Bet on Poker, Live Lucky 7, Live War of Bets, Live Lucky 5 and Live Texas Hold’em Poker respectively.


This is to inform that FortuneJack have even included a Binary Trader in their platform. This is in the enthusiasm of possessing the most game options possible. Upon this trading platform a player can bet upon the direction of certain assets like currency pairs, gold or silver or enough of the casino’s wallet balance. There prevails a range of lapse of timings, that one can select from anywhere right from 60 seconds to 1 day, and when once the option is exhausted, the player may win or lose. This kind of Binary Trading with BTC is ever increasing in a quick manner in a gambling space from the last recent months.

Apart from the trader, this bitcoin casino is even including a system, which is called as Anybet. This is depending upon the reality of the world’s incidents and can be included in sports, politics or even entertainment. There are some recent bets, that have been upon the Bitcoin price and also upon elections. The note mentioning feature here is that any player is enabled for placing any bet, they aspire to the system and can earn 0.2% of the aggregate bet volume, which is placed by all other players upon the bet.


It is to be remembered that, the FortuneJack Casino does not permit its users for the creation of an anonymous account. The gamblers are required to go by means of a diligence process, for furnishing their personal data, to abide by anti-money laundering standards, I.e; AML respectively. The account gets lapsed, if founded that the account is going to be operated by using any other name.


The FortuneJack online Bitcoin Casino is mobile friendly. So there is a possibility of accessing for any mobile device and tablet. This website can be altered for any screen size.

The players who are obsessed for playing while going can enjoy the FortuneJack gaming, no matter whatever may be the location.


This casino is offering a plenty of extensive bonuses. Here, this casino is allotting Free Spins, that are obtainable while special promotions. But, there exists a wagering need of 40x the bonus amount. The Free Spins are available only on certain games.
A deposit of 777 play will gives 777mBTC. The new comers are eligible for this fortunejack bonus code of up to 1 BTC by making their deposit.


This best crypto casino is offering an aggregate of 9 BTC along with 250 Free Spins upon their first five deposits made by the new comers. The bitcoin casino operators are always motivated for felicitating the Bitcoin Community. The following given details is the pattern for welcome package.

The first deposit made by a fresh player can receive 130% of bonus up to 1 BTC, with 250 Free Spins.

The Second deposit gives 30% of the bonus up to 2 BTC.

The Third deposit may get 30 % of the bonus up to 2 BTC.

The Fourth deposit will give 30% of the bonus up to 2 BTC.

The Fifth deposit can get 30% of the bonus up to 2 BTC.

It is to be noted that, the 250 free spins, that are associated with the first deposit bonus, will be credited in ten installments of 25 free spins, which may start from the day of the first deposit.


 No doubt, bonuses are a great method of increasing the gameplay and boost the opportunities of winning a decent amount. However, they too can have setbacks. Likewise, other casinos, FortuneJack also maintains some rules and regulations for bonuses, where the players have to abide by them, when they choose for claiming the bonuses. The most general condition is the “wagering requirement”. That means, the player is needed for placing a significant amount of bets upon the casino games, before converting the bitcoin casino no deposit bonus money for real money. Later on, there exists some more important rules, that players must and should make themselves familiar with before playing with bonuses. The following given information reveals the genuine bonus details at FortuneJack casino.

For claiming the welcome bonus the minimum needed deposit is fixed at 0.01 BTC.

It is to be noted that, the bonuses should be activated before making a deposit.

There is no permission for having multiple active bonuses at a time.

To be specific, there must be only one bonus, that is active at a time.


The players of this bitcoin casino may receive 100 Free Spins in addition to 50% up to 250 mBTC Deposit Bonus. The Free Spins are credited, when it happens the first deposit to be 0.0a5 BTC or even more. The Free Spins will be credited when once the deposit amount has been wagered x1 in the slot games at this casino. There is a grant of 25 Free Spins per day and 4 days in aggregate. The first set of Free spins will be added for a player’s account at 00.01 BST after the first deposit amount is wagered x1. The entire free spins must be availed by 23:59 BST upon the same day they were given.

The Free Spins, which are not availed by 23:59 BST on the day of issue will be erased from a player’s account and will not be reconsidered in the future again.

The free spins are only available for use upon a certain gaming and may not get transferred.

Any money that is won by using these Free Spins are placed in player’s bonus balance and is subjected for standardized provisions and norms, and wagering requirements respectively.


The regular players will be suitably rewarded by this casino’s weekly prizes of 10 BTC in total. There exists a LeaderBoard, upon this website, which is listing the best players on each of the ten gaming. In fact the prizes are really attractive, that tends to range from 0.04000000 BTC to 0.5000000 BTC respectively. Upon each Friday, the 50 top players will be rewarded suitably.


This casino tends to use online currencies, which does not have any restrictions in any country. FortuneJack Casino occupies #1 in the bitcoin casino list, allows the entire cryptocurrency users. The players are set at liberty for availing the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Reddcoin, Monero and Fujicoin respectively.


a click on “My Account” is enough for making deposits. Upon the deposit page, a number of deposit methods are available. The mode of currency must be chosen for using. The withdrawal requests are made available, when once the player’s account is verified. The minimum withdrawal amount is fixed at 0.01BTC. This amount will be equivalent in other currencies.


This Casino is operating under the Nexus Group Enterprises N.V. The company have been launched and registered under the laws of Curacao. This company is licensed and regulaed by Antillephone N.V. Nexus Group. It is to be observed that, the FortuneJack Casino has no restrictions for any country. But, while registration there would be a country’s option.


This casino is offering plenty of options for their patrons, that they can avail for contacting. They includes Live chat, emails, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and to name a few. For having Live chat, a click upon Live support at the bottom right corner of the website is enough. The casino possesses the round the clock support service system.


 It is a known fact that despite of trading with Bitcoin and other kind of cryptocurrencies, that tends to vanish the necessity of sharing personal banking information, this cryptocurrency casino constitutes an SSL encryption technology system, by means of which the personal and financial transactions of the player are kept protected.

 The games of this website were nicely built. The deposits at FortuneJack can be deposited in five types of cryptocurencies, such as, Dogecoin, Dashcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin and the little known Reddcoin. Since, there is flexibility, for depositing and withdrawing, there is no a necessary of using cryptocurrency exchanges, just for the purpose of depositing the coins. FortuneJack Casino is capable enough for taking this Bitcoin Based Casino one step still further, resulting in being always ahead of the game.  So, if search hunt is for a best Bitcoin Casino, then FortuneJack is the suitable place with plenty of extra bonuses and rewards.

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